The purpose of the study is to better understand the influence of culture as it relates to the issues students face and how they are responding to these issues. We want to see how educational policies, practices and assumptions are lived out in the lives of students. The study will also provide students with an opportunity to share their experiences with a caring listener. Part of our assignment for the Culture and Society in Education (EDFD7303) course at the University of West Georgia, is to interview a student. The questions that will be asked relate to the students past and present experiences and future dreams. Here are some samples of the kind of question that may be asked: Describe some of your accomplishments/successes/interesting experiences. What is the most favorite thing you like to do? Describe your dreams/hopes/concerns and how do you see yourself in five or ten years? Describe some of the obstacles/difficulties you might face to achieve your goals. When are you most happy/fulfilled? How do you see school helping you succeed in your dreams of being a successful person? What do you like most about school? What would you like to see changed? Describe a moment or event in your life that stands out as being very important.


Teachers will journal the interview and some of the material may be used in class to compare it with journals of other teachers to see if common patterns might emerge. Neither the student's names nor the identification of the schools will be revealed. We just want to better understand how our students are fairing.


I give permission to allow my child to be interviewed.


Permission for ___________________________________________(student)

by _________________________________________ and allow him/her to journal the interview (researcher) over a period of three months. I realize that my child's name and school will NOT be used in any paper submitted to this class. I understand that my child may drop out of this project at any time without penalty.

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